A Wild Night Out in Boston Part 1

Disclaimer: None of these pictures and Videos are mine, all credit goes to their proper owner. I am not getting paid to promote any of these places, hotels, or shows. I am only doing this to help travelers get an idea of what they might want to do, or where they might want to go. Enjoy!  

It all began with a bet.

The night started off like any other….. just kidding, it started off in Boston. Me and my friend Sami have a mutual friend come to Boston. She had big plans to go out and hit the clubs. Since this particular friend would like to stay anonymous, lets call her “Jenny”. Jenny was excited on this particular night because of a boy that she has been crushing on. He had decided to come meet her at the club that we were going to “Wild Rover”. The club is in Faneuil hall and the hotel that she was staying at was up the street. I will not be mentioning the hotel because I technically was not a guest (sneaky kiki).

We had all decided to go together to the hotel, so Jenny picked us up. She checked in and once we got to the room, we got to our stations to prepare for battle. Just kidding but as any girl knows, we have a lot of stuff to do before heading out for the night. Jenny was at the mirror putting on her make up, while Sami was taking a shower to do her hair. Both taking an extremely long time to get done. I was patiently waiting on the extremely comfy bed (I had already taken my shower done my make up and picked out my outfit nothing to do but wait).  Sami was the first one to be done. Shower, make up, annoyingly looking for clothes, then hair. Jenny was putting on the whole bag of make up that she had brought on her trip. As I watched her put it on, I honestly thought that she was putting on the same foundation over and over again (I was wrong). She had so many different bottles I guess I lost track. Once they both were done (me over here falling asleep because as I had just turned a hundred years old waiting for them) we all realized that it was eight o’clock. We had a lot of time to spare.

So as the responsible drinkers that we are we went out to eat. We had decided on this seafood place and got lobster rolls, which was not filling enough on it’s own. Then we went to go get snacks for our drunk alter egos (Walgreens very handy). Since the lobster roll was not filling we went to another place to get a salad, then headed back to the hotel. I was not drinking that night and if I was going to, then it was through my friend secretly putting a little alcohol in my drink when she thought I wasn’t looking. Slick move Sam. As we hung out in the hotel getting tipsy, listened to music, and making jokes.

Jenny suggested that we should make bets before we head out for the night. Claiming that it would be “fun”. The first bet was “If Jenny’s guy would buy her a drink” The next one was that “Jenny was going to pee a hundred times that night” (Since she was drinking a lot). Then she made ones that included Sami “One was that someone was going to dance with her”, Another was that she was going to say “Fuck off ” many many times throughout the night. I was not drunk so I was out (taking one for the team lol). There were a couple other bets but the most important one was that Jenny was going to get laid.

It was finally 10:30 and we headed out. Not knowing how this happened but Jenny some how found a balloon and I tied it around her arm (She was already buzzed as you can tell) nervous to meet the guy. Getting into the club after a little wait, we headed up to the dance floor. The DJ down stairs made a comment on Jenny’s balloon asking her if it was her birthday, immediately she replied “yes!”. But I don’t think that convinced him. We got up to the second floor headed to the bathroom, then to the bar for drinks, and finally off to the dance floor. We danced and danced not wanting to leave when our favorite songs started to play.

At this point Sami had already said “Fuck off” so she lost. It was up to Julie now, to see if any of the bets were going to happen. We had to wait and see how the night would unfold but it was off to a great start.

……..To be continued

Link – Wild Rover Boston

-Make every moment an adventure

xoxo Kiki


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