Dreams at Saks 5th Ave

Disclaimer: None of these pictures are mine, all credit goes to their proper owner. I am not getting paid to promote any of these places, hotels, or shows. I am only doing this to help travelers get an idea of what they might want to do, or where they might want to go. Enjoy!  

Now there are many ladies out there that can agree to disagree, that Saks 5th Ave is a waist of time to go to. Especially since most of us can’t afford to get anything there (cough cough.. me). What can I say I definitely am one of those women that have a fierce shopping addiction. I love shopping but I usually don’t have money to do the thing I love the most. So I decided that if I was in New York, I was gunna go to the place that I wanted to go to the most, which was Saks 5th Ave. So we walked to Saks on that 90 degree day and when we opened those doors a fresh breeze hit us, as we walked into the store. The first floor was under construction at the time so we we took the elevator to the next floor. As the elevator doors opened I was taken aback by what I saw. The whole store was filled with clothes sectioning each area off by designer. The mannequins were beautifully dressed, representing the particular style that each designer has.

I didn’t realize how many designer brands they sold, till I experienced it myself. They had the classics Valentino, Dolce, Prada, Louboutin, Gucci, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Dior. Then they had those brand names that are now at the top of everyones list, like Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Balmain, etc. I love fashion so this was a big deal for me. I see these dresses on tv, so seeing these pieces of art in person was crazy. Come on we all wished we were one of the “Sex and the City” girls wearing those designers brands with the matching shoes.

Now i understand why they bought all those clothes practically going broke every time just to look fashionable.  I also understand why people buy dresses at fashion week. If they looked anything like the clothes that were in front of me then, I would do the same thing. They had lace stitching and silk linings, cotton and cashmere galore. It was a shoppers paradise.

Now I didn’t buy anything (sadly). If I did I would probably have to sell both my kidneys but to me it was worth the trip. I’m a pretty visual person so seeing these beautiful pieces just makes me want to work harder for my dreams. Even though it’s not necessarily a practical dream, I would love to one day own one of those dresses (to me its like buying art). So if anyone is into fashion and likes to window shop, Saks is the place to go. If you can afford anything in there, then shop till you drop!

Link- Saks 5th Ave

-Make every moment an adventure 

xoxo Kiki

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