New York City Baby!

Trip 1- Day/Night 1

As our five-hour train ride came to an end, we had finally pulled into Penn Station. My travel buddy and I grabbed our luggage and joined the working crowds of the city, to make our way out of the terminal and into the streets to start our adventure. It was ninety-degree weather, one of the hottest weekends in July. We had innocently decided that we would walk to our hotel, which was right smack next to Time Square. It was only five blocks away not to far, if you ask me (the Boston girl). Boy did we not realize that a New York block and a Boston block were two entirely different things. So us naïve girls went off on our walk to find our Mid Town hotel. We were off bumping into other tourists, and travelers on the crowded sidewalks. Cars and bikes were almost hitting us during our walk, as I carried my heavy duffel over my shoulder, ready to pass out from the exertion and the heat. We were sweating, soar, and tired, eager to get to our air-conditioned building. And by some miracle we made it there to check in. Thrilled to make it to our room, we blasted the Ac and flopped onto the Queen size bed.

Not having time to enjoy our moment of rest, both of us showered, changed, and left to join our cousin for dinner. We had decided to take an uber to the Mexican restaurant (thank god!)that resided in Hells Kitchen. I was excited from the moment I walked in, because I knew this place would be awesome. It was filled with people waiting to get seated, the music was blasting, and everything was just bursting with energy. We had all been seated and ordered our drinks. Being the festive people we are, we all decided to get frozen margaritas and a taco bowls as our meal. My cousin’s husband and I were on our second margaritas and were starting to get a little tipsy. Talking about everything there is to talk about shows, gossip, and politics. There was never a dull moment at our table. We ended our little get together with goodbye hugs and promises to come back. After, we rushed off to catch our Broadway musical, that was just down the street from where we were. We had gotten our Frozen daiquiris (cheers!), bumped into a few drunken moms on our way to our seats, and of course took some pictures before the show started. The show was beautiful and honestly if you have a chance to go to Broadway take it because you will not regret it. They know how to put on a show! Once the show ended and we left the theater and of course took some more momentous pictures, we started the journey back to our hotel.  This time we walked and had to go through Time Square. I gotta tell you there were way more people up at eleven o’clock at night than there were at four pm. As hoards of them were coming at us as we walked down Time Square. People were selling merchandise, food, they were putting on shows, and the most captivating thing was the billboards and the lights that screamed look at me! That’s when I realized that no city has nightlife like New York City.                

Ps. Next few posts will be more specific on where I went, where I stayed, and what I did. There will also be my recommendations. 

-Make every moment an adventure 

xoxo Kiki

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